The European Consortium for Political Research Standing Group on Interest Groups promotes and supports research on group politics, civil society, social movement organizations and political advocacy. Membership of the SG is open to everyone who is interested in cumulative research on interest group politics. The SG functions largely as a forum and an exchange network for interest group researchers.

 The ECPR Standing Group on Interest Groups was founded at a workshop organized at the University of Syracuse (USA) in 2008. These scholars took the initiative to establish this ECPR standing group:

  • Andreas Duer, University College of Dublin
  • Arndt Wonka, University of Mannheim
  • Christine Mahoney, Syracuse University
  • David Coen, University College London
  • David Lowery, Leiden University
  • Dirk De Bièvre, University of Antwerp
  • Frank Baumgartner, Penn State University
  • Jan Beyers, University of Antwerp
  • Jeffrey Berry, Tufts University
  • Patrick Bernhagen, University of Aberdeen
  • Rainer Eising, Ruhr-Universitat Bochum
  • Rick Hall, University of Michigan
  • Sabine Saurugger, University of Grenoble
  • Tim LaPira, American University
  • William Maloney, University of Newcastle

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